Ash Jones


Ash Jones is obsessed with faces and the forming of faces. In his portraits, he uncovers the emotion underneath the form, as can be seen in his frenetic, colourful, style.

As an artist, he enjoys extracting a result that is informed by the ways in which this particular piece was created, so that the final product is the result of a negotiation between painter and paintbrush. The chaos of the making creates a style that is unorthodox, unusual, and wholly, Ash.

Ash created Ash's Gift, with the intention of working with clients closer, to create commissions that surprise, both artist, and subject.

I'm interested in knowing as much about the subject as I can before I begin work. You can send me reference images, some writing, a song to listen to while I work, anything! Can be of you, your friend, or even your favourite famous person or character. Happy to do sittings.

If you have an idea for something that is not on my menu, please let me know what you would like and I will see what I can do.

A4 Portrait - Pen $49.99 1 day
Small acrylic on canvas (A4 or smaller) $180 1-3 days
Medium acrylic on canvas (A3, A2) $250 1-4 days
Large acrylic on canvas (A1) $400 2-5 days
Largest acrylic on canvas (A0 or bigger) $700 1 week
Paper mosaic (A4) $100 4 days
Paper mosaic large (A3 or bigger) $155 1 week
Clay bust (around 30x30cm) $1400 1 month