Dan Veint



Making an impact both locally and internationally, Danathan Please is the eternal and sometimes infernal alias of a multifarious and sometimes nefarious Auckland based artist whose ecstatically colourful works are full of love, lust, longing and reflection. His perspective is rare yet classic and relatable.

Ash's Gift provides a portal for those who seek it, to venture into the stars; into the kaleidoscopic anarchy of Danathan Please and his visceral visuals.

If you want to be captured in the riot of colour and motion of one of these works then I'll need a few things.

Send some clear photographs of the subject to

In the email you can let me know a little about yourself and the relationship you have with the subject.

You might want to give me a theme or a list of ideas for me to think about while I create.

Maybe you want me to listen to a particular song.

The beauty of this process is we can be as personal or as abstract as we want.

You can chose a to be revealed as your natural visage appears - or to have the MONSTERISATION treatment which I highly recommend.

For MONSTERISATION you can request particular features such as horns, fangs, snakes for hair, scales, cat eyes, pointed ears, angel bits, decomposition or whatever you may need for your transformation. Or you could leave it up to me to draw the demon out of you myself.

Lastly you need to choose the medium and size.

Graphic Marker Portraits are faster to produce and clearer. In my drawings I am inspired largely by comics and tattoo art.

Acrylic Paint Portraits tend to take longer. I love to layer on thick paint and let it drip in dreamlike fantasy.

Graphic Marker Portrait A4 $60 1 Day
Graphic Marker Portrait MONSTERISATION A4 $80 1 Day
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait Small (Size (A4?)TBC) $120 up to 1 week
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait MONSTERISATION (A4 TBC) $150 up to 1 week
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait A3(TBC) $200 up to 1 week
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait A3(TBC) MONSTERISATION $230 up to 1 week
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait A2(TBC) LARGE $400 up to 2 weeks
Acrylic Painting Canvas Portrait (TBC)LARGEST $1500 up to 1 month

Enjoy being immortalised in artwork